Work Sampling Fundamentals - An Exclusive Training Program on CD-ROM!

Only $99!

An excellent self-paced learning program to understand the procedure and statistical techniques used in structuring and performing work sampling studies in the factory or office. This program is a perfect compliment to the Production Technology Time Study Fundamentals CD-ROM based program.

Use this program to train industrial engineers or technicians, manufacturing engineers, factory supervisors, managers, or shop or office personnel. Use for a single individual or groups of any size. All materials are exclusive and proprietary, and not available through any other source. Use the sampling technique to effectively measure productivity in any manufacturing project or process, highlighting problem areas quickly and efficiently!

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The program covers the following topics:

Part I - History and Theory of Work Sampling

	What is Work Sampling?
	Advantages of Work Sampling
	Study Prerequisites
	Poor Candidates for Sampling
	Sampling Indirect Labor Activities

Part II - Structuring and Conducting a Study

	Structuring a Study
	Determine the Study Object
	Determine the Level of Detail
	Determine the Desired Confidence Level
	The Normal Distribution Curve
	The Element Tolerance of Accuracy
	Determine the Desired Accuracy
	Confidence Level and Number of Observations
	Summarizing the Study Structure
	Formula for Sample Size
	Calculating Sample Size
	Using a Nomograph
	Determining an Observation Schedule
	Allocating Resources
	Maximizing Study Effectiveness
	Determining Random Times
	Random Number Tables
	Random Times from a Phone Directory
	Computer Programs to Generate Random Times
	Designing a Data Recording Form
	Tracking Study Progress
	A Control Chart Example
	Work Sampling Etiquette
	Assuring Non-Biased Observation
	"Instantaneous" Observation
	Unusual and Productive Uses for Work Sampling
	Cautions in Designing a Sampling Project
	Work Measurement Sampling

Part III - The Self-Sampling Technique

	Pros and Cons of Self-Sampling
	Random Time Reminders for Self-Sampling
	Recording Self-Sampling Data

Some features of this new release include:

The Work Sampling Fundamentals Program CD-ROM is designed for all Windows® systems. The program is totally self-contained; you do not need Microsoft PowerPoint® or the PowerPoint® viewer installed on your computer. No changes are made to your hard drive when the program is run from the CD.

This unique training program is only $99, plus a $9 shipping charge ($17 international).

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