A Comprehensive Time Study Training Program on CD-ROM!

Only $389 including performance rating and practice videos!

An outstanding time study training program for engineers, supervisors, technicians, or anyone needing basic work measurement skills. This material includes much of the Production Technology on-site Work Measurement Workshop program, including the lecture material, a practice performance rating video, a practice time study video (both on DVD), time study forms, and a performance rating analysis worksheet. Adapt forms (Microsoft Excel® format) to your company, and use the program with a single viewer or large or small groups.

The Work Measurement Workshop material has been presented to scores of international companies over almost two decades. Now this valuable material is available in an easily used and cost-effective package, containing all materials to effecively train any number of engineers or technicians in the time study procedure. All materials are exclusive and proprietary, and not available through any other source.

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The program covers the following topics:

Part I - An Overview of Labor Standards

	The Labor Standard Concept
	Uses for Standards
	Measured Daywork
	Incentive Work
	The Fair Day's Work Concept

Part II - Building a Labor Standard with Time Study

	Components of a Standard
	Observed and Normal Times
	Personal, Fatigue, and Delay Allowances
	Avoidable and Unavoidable Delays

Part III - The Time Study Procedure

	Time Study Equipment
	Stopwatch Types
	Continuous vs. Snapback Study
	Time Study Procedure
	Time Study Etiquette
	Describing the Method
	Value of Complete and Accurate Work Descriptions
	Dividing an Operation into Elements
	Types of Irregular Elements
	Handling Irregular Elements
	Performance Rating
	Benchmarks of Normal Performance
	Performance Rating Techniques
	Number of Cycles to Observe

Part IV - Completing the Time Study

	A Sample Time Study
	Recording Basic Information
	Recording Time Data
	Recapping the Study
	Predetermined Method/Time Systems

Some features of this program include:

The Time Study Fundamentals Program CD-ROM is designed for all Windows® systems. The program is totally self-contained; you do not need Microsoft PowerPoint® or the PowerPoint® viewer installed on your computer. No changes are made to your hard drive when the program is run from the CD.

This new and unique training program is only $389, plus a $9 shipping charge ($17 international). If desired, performance rating videos may be purchased separately by clicking the link below. Other materials from this program are not available separately.

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