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Production Technology develops and distributes unique software products for manufacturing industries and the Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering professions. Also, we use certain software, such as CURV1™ (our popular learning curve product) as an added feature of technical training programs. This page briefly lists and describes our current products. Scroll down the page for work measurement, learning curve, assembly line balancing, and ergonomics software product descriptions. For a listing of computer-based training programs on CD-ROM, click here. For for software product details and specifications, click on the links indicated.

You may purchase any product using American Express, VISA, MasterCard, or Discover/Novus credit cards on our secure web credit card transaction system. Software is shipped within 24 hours of order receipt.

Work Measurement Software

Speed Estimator Pro for Windows(9X, NT, 2000, Me, XP), is a quick elemental time estimating product. Designed to be compact and quick with a minimum of extraneous features,Speed Estimator ProTM Version 3, is an "instant" labor standards calculator for almost any type of manual production work; a few keystrokes will give any cost estimator, IE, or manufacturing engineer a guaranteed accurate standard. Speed Estimator Pro is the most economical product of its type.(NOTE: THIS PRODUCT HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED FOR 2014)

Learning Curve Software

CURV1™ Version 2.0 is a most popular suite of tools for learning curve applications. CURV1 learning curve software has been used in Production Technology public and private seminars for more than a decade, and is the only product of its type in the world. This new version runs on all Windows platforms. Click here for specs. Order CURV1 Now

BREAK™ Version 2 is another unique learning curve program. This program for Windows is an exclusive and effective software tool that compliments CURV1. It is designed to assist estimators and managers in evaluating the costs associated with production discontinuities ("breaks"). BREAK offers three distinct methods or "scenarios" to deal with disruptions to the learning curve. Click here for specs. Order BREAK Now

Assembly Line Balancing Software

Flexible Line Balancing™ V.3 is a powerful new product for easily managing labor allocation to progressive assembly lines. Now industrial and manufacturing engineers and production supervisors can easily find the absolute most productive solution to line balancing problems of any complexity. For Windows 9X, NT, 2000, Me and XP, Flexible Line Balancing draws precedence diagrams which show relationships between all labor elements, and automatically computes labor efficiency with every user modification. The user can specify the desired number of workstations or line cycle time, and station assignments are automatically made. A graphical analysis shows lost time at all stations. Quick "What If?" analyses are made quickly by simple mouse clicks on a graph. Flexible Line Balancing provides full file manipulation capabilities for single work elements or entire complex assembly lines with scores of work tasks. Quickly import saved operation descriptions from a a task "library" into new processes. Cut, paste, copy, insert, append, or import work elements from a spreadsheet. Absolutely the best assembly line balancing solution available today! Click here to get a full description of product features and special introductory pricing. Order Flexible Line Balancing Now

Ergonomics Software

N-Lift™ NIOSH Lifting Equation Calculator for Windows Version 2.0 is a utility for the safety, health, or hygiene professional. N-Lift is a simple, easy-to-use calculator to determine safe lifting loads for manual material handling using the NIOSH Lifting Equation. The program calculates Recommended Weight Limit (RWL) and Lifting Index (LI) based on user-input information. The on-line help files and documentation provide extensive discussion and graphics that help you understand the NIOSH equation. The program does all calculations rapidly, and allows you to vary input values to do "What If..." exercises. N-Lift runs with all Windows systems. Click here for more information. Order N-Lift Now

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We have experience with numerous work measurement systems, including time study, work sampling, and several variants of MTM®-based (Methods-Time Measurement) systems. In addition, we've developed and installed numerous factory labor accounting and performance reporting systems, and written numerous work measurement plans for firms pursuing government contracts. We are in a position to objectively recommend a cost-effective system with features appropriate to the needs of any company, large or small. In short, we know how to measure and report labor performance! Contact us for further information.

Site License Agreements and discount pricing plans for all software products are available for educational institutions and other multi-user organizations. Contact us for pricing.

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