How to Evaluate Operator Performance for Time Study - A Unique Training Program on CD-ROM

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An exceptional training program for Industrial Engineers, technicians, time study analysts, supervisors or anyone needing basic references to understand "normal" performance in the workplace. A perfect companion work for our Time Study Fundamentals CD-ROM training program. Time study training must include the basics of evaluating operator performance in the workplace; this comprehensive package explores all facets of performance rating ("speed rating") from concepts to application, with procedures, examples and cautions.

The materials in this program have been presented to scores of companies in on-site time study training workshops for over three decades. All materials are exclusive and proprietary, and not available through any other source.

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The program covers the following topics:

Part I - Definitions and Concepts

	What is Performance Rating?
	Why Use It?
	How Ratings are Applied to Labor Standards
	Performance Rating and Time Study
	What are “Normal” Operators?
	What is a “Fair Day’s Work?”
	Do All Companies Use Performance Rating?
	Factors that Affect Performance
	Speed, Skill, Effort, and Consistency
	Signs of Skill in Job Performance
	Examples of Skill
	Characteristics of Poor Skill
	Normal Job Conditions
	Difficulties in Evaluating Jobs
	Speed Rating
	The MTM System
	Predetermined Method-Time Systems
	Pros and Cons of PMTS

Part II - Rating Benchmarks and Training

	Training for Performance Rating
	Practice to Assure Proficiency
	Performance Rating Analysis and Simple Statistics
	Maintaining Proficiency
	Benchmarks for Normal Performance
	Video Demonstrations
	Establishing Your Own Benchmarks
	Relevance of Rating Benchmarks

Part III - Applying Performance Rating in Time Study

	Rating Performance at the Job Site
	Variations due to Machine Cycles
	Ensuring Rating Success
	Cautions in Rating
	Limits of judgment
	Effects of Work Element Length
	Applying Ratings to the Time Study

Some features of this new release include:

  • A Microsoft PowerPoint® presentation containing 57 full color slides with professional narration on CD-ROM.
  • Video clips embedded in the slide presentation to demonstrate operator skill.
  • Video clips to demonstrate several benchmark measures of "normal" or 100% performance.
  • Sample Performance Rating Analysis sheets, for use in determining accuracy and consistency of ratings when practice videos are used (videos not furnished in this package - available separately).
  • The narration script, indexed by slide number, in Adobe® PDF format.
  • Unlimited use at a single business location with any number of viewers (Duplication of the CD or videos is prohibited without a multiple site license).

How to Evaluate Performance Rating for Time Study on CD-ROM is designed for all Windows® systems. The program is totally self-contained; you do not need Microsoft PowerPoint® or the PowerPoint® viewer installed on your computer. No changes are made to your hard drive when the program is run from the CD.

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