N-Lift® NIOSH Lifting Equation Calculator for Windows® - Only $49!

N-Lift Version 2.0 is a perfect way to quickly check manual materials handling safety in manufacturing plants, offices, or other businesses. This ergonomics utility program is a popular and low cost product that has been offered for several years.

N-Lift calculates lifting limits based on a "single task," i.e., the repetition of lifting a given load at a given frequency over a given duration. The program also calculates the NIOSH Recommended Weight Limit (RWL) and the Lifting Index (LI), which are indicators of the relative safety of lifting loads of a given size under various conditions. The NIOSH equation considers weight, starting point, distance of lift, duration of job, frequency of lift, effectiveness of coupling (hand holds on the object), and symmetry of lift (twisting of the torso).

The Lifting Equation was originally published in 1981 in the NIOSH (National Institutes for Occupational Safety and Health) Work Practices Guide for Manual Lifting. The intent was to make available an objective guide to maximum load weights to be lifted by humans based on the characteristics of the job. Later, an ad hoc NIOSH committee revised the original equation based on then more current research and available literature. The current equation is commonly referred to as the "single task NIOSH lifting equation (revised)." It is based on limits for the human body; these involve acceptable forces applied to the musculoskeletal frame, body fatigue, and acceptability to a large percentile of the working population, male and female.

You can use N-Lift on any modern PC running Microsoft Windows® (95/98/2000/Me/NT/XP/7). A color monitor, mouse, and CD-ROM drive (for installation) are also necessary. Full documentation is included with the program.

N-Lift Version 2 is only $49, plus a $7 shipping charge ($12 international). Process a secure credit card order by clicking on the link below.

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