Exclusive Product! Assembly Line Balancing Training on CD-ROM

Only $169!

A unique program for Industrial Engineers, factory management, manufacturing engineers, planners, and technicians. This CD-ROM based presentation contains much of the Production Technology on-site Assembly Line Balancing Workshop program. Easily viewed by an individual or groups of any size, this program provides complete "How To Do It" instructions for manual line balancing, plus a demonstration of a computer-based software solution.

The program covers the following topics:

Part I - Concepts and Definitions

	The Progressive Line
	Types of Progressive Lines
	Advantages and Disadvantages
	Assembly Lines
	Types of Assembly Lines
	Single- and Mixed Model Lines
	Model Sequencing
	Off-Conveyor vs. On-Conveyor Work
	Work Elements, Element Sharing, and Indivisible Elements
	Floating, Banking, and Batching
	Finesse Jobs

Part II - Line Efficiency and Precedence

	Line Efficiency
	Precedence Charts
	Precedence Chart Example

Part III - Assembly Line Balancing Examples

	Rules for Line Balancing
	Line Balancing Examples
	Step by Step - The Line Balancing Procedure
	Guidelines for Manual Line Balancing

Part IV - Principles of Assigning Work on an Assembly Line

	Work Assignment Principles

Part V - Using the Computer to Maximize Line Efficiency

Some features of this new release include:

The Assembly Line Balancing Training Program is designed for all Windows® systems. The program is totally self-contained; you do not need Microsoft PowerPoint® or the PowerPoint® viewer installed on your computer. No changes are made to your hard drive when the program is run from the CD.

This new and unique training program is only $169, plus a $9 shipping charge ($17 international).

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