Flexible Line Balancing V. 3 - An Exceptional Product for Balancing Assembly Lines

New Low Price - $199!

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Flexible Line Balancing® V.3 for Windows (9X/NT/2000/Me/XP) is an outstanding tool to raise productivity on any progressive assembly line. Quickly and easily allocate any number of tasks to assembly line workstations with a software solution that provides the absolute minimum labor loss every time!.

Flexible Line Balancing uses the COMSOAL (COmputer Method of Sequencing Operations for an Assembly Line) procedure to assign work elements to stations. In this heuristic method, hundreds or thousands of calculations are quickly performed on the computer until the absolute best solution is found. In a few seconds, you can solve a complex work allocation problem on a progressive assembly line of virtually any number of workstations. Following is a list of some of Flexible Line Balancing's many features:

Flexible Line Balancing is a joint development of LG Electronics Inc., a diverse international manufacturer, and Production Technology Engineering and Management Services. Production Technology is the exclusive Flexible Line Balancing program distributor. There is no more cost-effective, easier-to-use, and accurate assembly line balancing software available anywhere today! Your satisfaction with this product is guaranteed.

You can use Flexible Line Balancing on any modern PC running Microsoft Windows® (95/98/2000/Me/NT/XP). A color monitor, mouse, and CD-ROM drive (for installation) are also necessary. Note that computers with the Microsoft Windows® 7 operating system will not display program Help files because of a system software change made by Microsoft. Full documentation and a User Guide are included with the program, however.

The new low price for Flexible Line Balancing V.3 is $199, plus a $7 shipping charge ($12 international). To view or print a detailed four-page Flexible Line Balancing brochure with multiple screen shots and order form in Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF format (633KB), click here. If you need the Acrobat Reader, click here to download a free copy from the Adobe site. Process a secure credit card order for Flexible Line Balancing V.3 by clicking on the link below.

Now you can download a DEMO version of Flexible Line Balancing V.3! The demo is a fully functional trial program version which is limited to 15 work elements. Evaluate the power and versatility of this unique program before making a purchase commitment---click here to download the file (approx 8.5 Meg file size, ZIP-compressed). After download, extract the files, view the ReadMe file, then run SETUP.EXE to install. A condensed User Guide in the Adobe PDF format is included with the program files.

A Site License Agreement and discount pricing is available for educational institutions and other multi-user organizations.Contact us for pricing.

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