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Main MenuFounded in 1983, Production Technology is an Industrial Engineering and management consulting firm which provides consulting, on-site and computer-based training, contract services, and specialized work measurement supplies.

For over three decades, Production Technology has provided high quality services and materials to scores of large and small businesses. We provide consistent results at moderate cost.

Our overall focus is productivity and quality improvement. Specific services include industrial engineering consulting, manufacturing engineering and process planning, work measurement, cost estimating, ergonomics, plant layout and facilities planning, and many other areas. Our experience base includes electronics, automobiles and automotive accessories, aerospace and defense, and consumer and military electronics. In addition to consulting, we offer several outstanding supervisory and technical training programs and unique products for Industrial Engineering applications. As an alternative to live on-site programs, numerous computer-based training programs have been developed on CD-ROM for economical use in training individuals or small groups.

ProTech offers unique experience in use of the learning curve technique in manufacturing cost estimating, and offers on-site training and computer-based training programs on curve application, the only such products available today. On work measurement topics, we offer a wide selection of training tools, including on-site workshops, computer-based programs, modern performance rating videos, and time study stopwatches. All products and services are the most cost-effective of their type anywhere. Client satisfaction with all products is guaranteed.

Review our current consulting services, engineering training programs, by clicking on the menu buttons at left. To view our quality stopwatches for time study use, plus a number of videos with practice scenes to develop performance rating proficiency. Click on other selections for information about Industrial Engineering, training program pricing, and our IE Trivia and Humor page.


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